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Secretary's Office
The Secretary of the Board is responsible for managing the Board’s agenda process and serves as the agency’s Custodian of Records to ensure compliance with the Open Public Records Act. In 2018, the Secretary’s Office processed 128 records requests. Further, the Board Secretary manages the Board’s low-income energy assistance programs, including the Universal Service Fund (USF) and Payment Assistance for Gas and Electric (PAGE). More information about these and other assistance programs is available here.


The Division of Customer Assistance, which handles constituent inquiries, also reports to the Secretary. In accordance with N.J.S.A. 48:2-4, the Secretary of the Board is charged with the duty to “keep full and correct minutes of all transactions and proceedings of the Board” and to be “the official reporter of the proceedings of the Board.”


Office of Case Management
The Office of Case Management is within the Secretary’s Office and is responsible for tracking and recording every action taken in each petition filed, managing the case files, and ensuring they are complete and publicly accessible. In 2018, Case Management processed 1,476 formal petitions. Each petition includes not only the associated paper, but also an entry into the InfoShare system for every correspondence received and sent, as well as other related actions such as hearings and decisions. In addition to its function as the Centralized Records Management Office, Case Management is also responsible for the Board’s Agenda Management Control process, which is also coordinated by the staff. In 2018, there were 12 Agenda Meetings and 4 Special Agenda Meetings, which resulted in 393 Board Orders. These documents setting forth the Board’s formal decisions were officially served to the parties of record, uploaded to InfoShare and placed on the Board’s website for easy public access. The Secretary’s Office approved 18 sets of minutes and processed 420 Board-approved applications for energy licenses and registrations.


The Office of Case Management serves as the Board's official record keeper. Among its responsibilities, the Office:

  • assigns all NJBPU docket numbers to matters filed with the Board;
  • maintains the computerized NJBPU Case Management System and the Board's physical case files;
  • records the receipt of every official document received and every order issued by the Board in the Case Management System;
  • administers NJBPU's document retention guidelines; 
  • ensures public transparency by including Board Orders, minutes of the Board's agenda meetings, the Hearing Calendar, and the Newly Docketed Matters Report on NJBPU's website; and
  • and serves as point of contact for members of the public wishing to review materials maintained in the Board's files.

In addition, the Office of Case Management manages the Board's subscription services for Telecommunication Petitions and Meeting Notices.