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State Looks Ahead to Program's Enhanced Next Phase 


Trenton, N.J.—The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) today announced that Phase One of the State’s Charge Up New Jersey electric vehicle (EV) incentive program will come to a successful close on December 15. The program is on track to disburse an estimated $30 million for nearly 6,000 new EVs on the road across the State. Announced by Governor Murphy in January, Phase One of the program started issuing incentives in May and provides “post-purchase” incentives for eligible EVs. NJBPU anticipates Phase Two will begin in summer 2021 and provide incentives at the time of purchase.


In order to qualify for the Charge Up New Jersey incentive, residents must have purchased or leased an eligible EV between January 17 and December 15, 2020, in the State of New Jersey, and submitted an application for consideration by March 15, 2021. Additional requirements and funding level information can be found at


“By any measure, New Jersey’s EV incentive program has been a resounding success. New Jerseyans have even more enthusiasm for electric vehicles than we initially anticipated, and are making the switch to EVs to be part of the solution to reduce their carbon footprint and fight climate change,” said NJBPU President Joseph L. Fiordaliso. “Electrifying transportation is a key pillar of our Energy Master Plan and will help us achieve Governor Murphy’s goal of 100 percent clean energy by 2050. We look forward to launching the second act of this popular program next year as we work toward the Governor’s goal of 330,000 EVs on the road in the Garden State by 2025.”


To date, the Charge Up New Jersey program administrator, the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE), has approved nearly 4,500 applications and $21.6 million in incentives. Based on the program’s current rate of application approval, the administrator projects that most of the program’s FY 2021 funding will be allocated by the end of the calendar year. To ensure residents have adequate time to receive and register their new EVs and that funding will be available, December 15 is the purchase and lease cut-off date. To that end, a letter issued by the NJBPU Secretary’s Office states that the application portal will remain open until March 15, 2021. During this time the program administrator will accept and review for completeness and eligibility all Charge Up New Jersey applications for a Phase One incentive with a vehicle purchase or lease date between January 17 and December 15, 2020.


At the agency’s December 16 Board meeting NJBPU Staff will recommend that, contingent upon funding, the Board approve opening Phase Two of the program in summer 2021, the start of the State’s next Fiscal Year. Prior to the launch of Phase Two, NJBPU will engage in a public process to evaluate the program with a goal of maximizing the funding for FY 2022 and beyond.


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