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NJBPU’s reports and studies guide the Board in its regulatory responsibilities, and support our mission of ensuring safe, reliable, affordable public utility service for New Jersey ratepayers. Reports are commissioned by the Board and are written by NJBPU Staff or in collaboration with external expert consultants, to provide an in-depth look at a particular topic that requires close consideration from the Commissioners. 


Below are various official NJBPU reports, organized by topic. For reports conducted for the annual BGS auction, please consult our BGS Orders and Information page.


Report Name & Link Released Consultant (if applicable)

Energy Master Plan

New Jersey Energy Master Plan Ratepayer Impact Study

Aug 2022


The Brattle Group


Natural Gas Infrastructure

Analysis of Natural Gas Capacity to Serve New Jersey Firm Customers

Dec 2021




Grid Modernization Study: New Jersey Board of Public Utilities

NJBPU Grid Modernization Final Report

Nov 2022




Resource Adequacy

Alternative Resource Adequacy Structures for New Jesey

June 2021




2022 Progress Report on New Jersey’s Resource Adequacy Alternatives

April 2023


Energy Efficiency

Utility Demographic and Firmographic Profile 2020  

April 2020


Energy Efficiency Potential in New Jersey  

May 2019

Optimal Energy

New Jersey Energy Efficiency Market Potential Assessment  

Oct. 2012

ENERNOC Utility Solutions Consulting

New Jersey Energy Efficiency and Distributed Generation Market Assessment 


Appendices A-F 

Aug. 2004



KEMA, Inc.



For additional NJCEP annual evaluation plans, market research, and cost-benefit analyses, see our “Program Evaluations, Market Analysis and Protocols” page.



Getting from Here to There: Regulatory Considerations for Transportation Electrification  

May 2017

The Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) 

Microgrids & Energy Storage

New Jersey Energy Storage Analysis 

May 2019 

Rutgers University

Microgrid Report 

Nov. 2016


New Jersey Town Centers Distributed Energy Resource Microgrids Potential: Statewide Geographic Information Systems Analysis  

Oct. 2014


Smart Meters/ Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI)

AMI Gold Standards Report 

Dec. 2019


Independent Review of RECO’s AMI Business Case and Recommendations for NJBPU 

Nov. 2019



2023 PBI Modeling Results

March 2023


New Jersey Solar Transition Final Capstone Report


Capstone Report Secretary's Letter

Jan. 2021

Cadmus Group, LLC

Transition Incentive Supporting Analysis & Recommendations 

Aug. 2019 

Cadmus Group, LLC

Sustainable Energy Advantage 

Solar Market Development Volatility in New Jersey



 Corresponding Notice of Availability


May 2014






Rutgers University Center for Energy, Economic and Environmental Policy (CEEEP)



Board Secretary 


For additional NJBPU reports and corresponding materials related to New Jersey’s solar market, visit our Solar Transition page.


Offshore Wind 

Evaluation of New Jersey Solicitation for ORECs for Offshore Wind Capacity: Framework for Evaluation of Impacts 

June 2019

Levitan & Associates, Inc.

2019 Annual Report on New Jersey Offshore Wind and the Implementation of Executive Order No. 8 

Jan. 2019


New Jersey Offshore Wind Energy: Feasibility Study

Dec. 2004

Atlantic Renewable Energy Corporation

Renewable Energy

Market Assessment Services to Characterize the Opportunities for Renewable Energy 

Aug. 2012


Assessment of Biomass Potential in New Jersey 

July 2007 

Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station

Impacts of Environmental Externalities Upon Relative Costs of Renewable Technology & Impact of the Deployment of Renewable Generation on the Market Price of Electricity 

Oct. 2004


New Jersey Renewable Energy Market Assessment  

Aug. 2004


Cable TV & Telecommunications

Verizon New Jersey, Inc. Application for Renewal of a System-wide Cable Television Franchise 

May 2020


Cablevision of Rockland/Ramapo, LLC Conversion to a System-Wide Cable Television Franchise 

Jan. 2017


Cablevision of Monmouth, LLC Conversion to a System-Wide Cable Television Franchise

Initial Comments from Cablevision of Monmouth 

May 2016


CSC TKR, LLC Conversion to a System-Wide Cable Television Franchise

Initial Comments from CSC TKR, LLC 

May 2016


Cablevision of New Jersey, LLC Conversion to a System-Wide Cable Television Franchise 

Aug. 2015


Cablevision of Oakland, LLC Conversion to a System-Wide Cable Television Franchise 

Aug. 2015


Verizon New Jersey, Inc. Application for a System-wide Cable Television Franchise 

May 2013


Storms / Reliability & Security 

Review and Assessment of Utility Performance - Tropical Storm Isaias

Nov. 2020


Report and Recommendations on Utility Response and Restoration to Power Outages During the Winter Storms of March 2018 

July 2018


June 23, 2015 “Bow Echo” Weather Event: Report and Recommendations on the Response and Restoration of Electric Utility Outages 

Aug. 2015 


NJ Storm Hardening Recommendations and Review/ Comment on EDC Major Storm Response Filings 

Nov. 2014

GE Energy Consulting

Performance Review of EDCs in 2011 Major Storms 

Aug. 2012


Investigation into Reliability Issues Related to JCP&L’s Morristown Underground System 

Feb. 2012 

PJ Downes Associates, LLC

Hurricane Irene Electric Response Report 

Dec. 2011



Investigation into Reliability Issues Related to New Jersey American Water’s Swimming River Water Treatment Plant Pipe Bridge Collapse in Monmouth County 

Feb. 2013



Internet For All BEAD Five-Year Action Plan 

Oct. 2023


BEAD Draft Initial Proposal Volume 1

Jan. 2024


BEAD Draft Initial Proposal Volume 2

Jan. 2024