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2024 Public Notices
Topic & Notice Link Date  Issued  Meeting
Notice of Fund Availability Community Energy Plan Grant (CEPG) Program Apr 3




Notice of Fund Availability Community Energy Plan Grant Implementation (CEPI) Grant Program

Apr 3




In The Matter of The Proposed Readoption of  N.J.A.C. 14:17, Rules of Practice and Procedure of The Office of Cable Television

Apr 1

Apr 23

May 31


Energy Master Plan - Hearing #4

Mar 22

Jun 3

Jun 12


In the Matter of the Clean Energy Programs and Budget for Fiscal Year 2024 -True-Up Revised Budgets and Programs.

Mar 15

Mar 15

Mar 27

March 15

Request for Comments: In the Matter of New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program: New Construction Program

Mar 15


Mar 27

In the Matter of the 2024 New Jersey Energy Master Plan

Mar 11

May 20

May 22

May 29

Jun 12

Request For Information: In the Matter of New Jersey’s Distributed Energy Resource Participation In Regional Wholesale Electricity Markets

Mar 7


Apr 22

In the Matter of the Opening of New Jersey’s Fourth Solicitation for Offshore Wind Renewable Energy Certificates (ORECs)

Mar 6

Mar 20

Mar 27

March 20

March 15, 2024 Quarterly Meeting

Feb 15

Mar 15

Apr 12

March 15

BGS Special Board Meeting

Feb 7

Feb 8


February 8

2024 BGS auction has ended

Feb 6




Feb 2



Notice-Special Public Board Meeting-January 24, 2024

Jan 16

Jan 24


January 24

Request for Information: In the Matter of Capital Projects Fund (CPF) Broadband Infrastructure Deployment Equity (NJBIDE) Pilot Program

Jan 12


Feb 16


In the Matter of the Provision of Basic Generation Service ("BGS")

For the Period Beginning June 1, 2024

Jan 12

Feb 5

Feb 6

Feb 7

Feb 8

Feb 9

Watershed Property Review Board Public Meeting Notice

Jan 09

Mar 26

Oct 24

Technical Conference In the Matter of the Implementation of Federal Inflation Reduction Act Homes (Home Efficiency Rebates) and HEEHR (Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates) Program Jan 04
  Jan 12