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Cannabis Regulatory Commission

Workplace & DUI Laws

Driving under the influence of any substance is illegal and puts lives at risk.

While general cannabis use cannot be a determining factor for hiring or firing someone, employers do have the right to maintain a drug and alcohol-free work environment.  In-house or contracted Drug Recognition Experts may perform random drug tests for intoxication at work, and may test anyone who appears to be impaired on the job, or who has been in a workplace accident.

Medical cannabis and employment is a complex issue. You can refer to N.J.S.A. C.24:6I-6.1 in the Jake Honig Act, and the 2020 New Jersey Supreme Court case, Wild v Carriage Funeral Holdings, Inc.

Questions about your employer’s policies on drug testing and how they apply to you should be directed to your human resources department and/or a lawyer specializing in employment law.

Additionally, for questions on worker’s compensation and medical cannabis, you can refer to the 2021 New Jersey Supreme Court Case, Hager v. M & K Construction.


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