Open Public Records Act (OPRA)

If you are seeking access to public documents, the Commission strongly suggests that you first call (609) 441-3422 or e-mail to discuss any questions.

Important OPRA Information

OPRA is a State law that was enacted to give the public greater access to government records maintained by public agencies in New Jersey. The public has the right under OPRA to examine or obtain copies of those public records that are not subject to exceptions from disclosure. Under OPRA, all levels of New Jersey government are required to produce records, when properly requested. Certain records are considered exceptions. OPRA expands the intent of the Right to Know law by redefining what records are available to the public, by setting standards for accessing those records and penalties for failing to disclose them.

  1. If you choose to request access to government records under the Open Public Records Act, the law requires that you must complete, sign and date the Commission's Government Records Request form and deliver it in person during regular business hours or by mail, fax, or email to the Office of Communications. Alternatively you may complete and submit the State form on the New Jersey Government Records Request Form web page. Your request is not considered filed until the request form has been received by the custodian of the requested record. If you submit the request form to any other officer or employee of the Casino Control Commission, that officer or employee does not have the authority to accept your request form on behalf of the Casino Control Commission and you will be directed to the OPRA custodian.

  2. The Open Public Records Act and its deadlines, restrictions and remedies will not apply to your request for access to government records if you submit it to someone other than the appropriate custodian, or you do not complete the Casino Control Commission or State request form, or you make a request for access by telephone.

  3. The fees for duplication of a government record in printed form are listed on the front of the Government Records Request Form. We will notify you of any special charges, special service charges or other additional charges authorized by State law or regulation before processing your request. Payment shall be made by check or money order payable to the Casino Control Fund or by credit card.

  4. Requests with estimated fees exceeding $25 may require a 50% deposit. You agree to pay the balance due upon delivery of the records. Anonymous requests, when permitted, require the prepayment of 100% of estimated fees.

  5. By law, a custodian must deny access to a person who is convicted of an indictable offense in New Jersey, any other state, or the United States, who is seeking government records containing personal information pertaining to the person’s victim or the victim’s family.

  6. By law, the Casino Control Commission must notify you that it grants or denies a request for access to government records within 7 business days after the custodian of the requested record receives the request, provided that the record is currently available and not in storage or archived. If the requested record is not currently available or is in storage or archived, the custodian will advise you within 7 business days when the record can be made available and the estimated cost. You may agree with the custodian to extend the time for granting or denying your request or making records available.

  7. You may be denied access to a government record if your request would substantially disrupt agency operations and the custodian is unable to reach a reasonable solution with you.

  8. If the Casino Control Commission is unable to comply with your request for access to a government record, the custodian will indicate the reasons for denial on the request form and send you a signed and dated copy.

  9. Except as otherwise provided by law or by agreement with the requestor, if the custodian of the requested record fails to respond to you within 7 business days of receiving a written, signed request form, the failure to respond will be considered a denial of your request.

  10. If your request for access to a government record has been denied or unfilled within the time permitted by law, you have a right to challenge the decision by the Casino Control Commission to deny access. At your option, you may either file a complaint in writing with the Government Records Council (GRC) located in the Department of Community Affairs, or institute a proceeding in the Superior Court of New Jersey. You may contact the GRC at 866-850-0511 (toll free) or 609-292-6830 or online at
  11. Information you provide on the Government Records Request Form may be subject to disclosure under the Open Public Records Act.

OPRA Custodian Contact Information

Daryl Nance
Manager/OPRA Custodian
New Jersey Casino Control Commission
Tennessee Ave and Boardwalk
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
(609) 441-3422

Reminder: Before you submit a request, you may e-mail us your questions or call (609) 441-3422. 

Links to OPRA records request forms

NJCCC Specific Form  [Fillable pdf]

State Request Form - [generic online form]