State of New Jersey
Department of Corrections
"Protecting Public Safety by Changing Offender Behavior"
                         Victoria L. Kuhn, Esq.

Fallen Officers

“Dedicated to the honor and memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty”

Those 18 words grace the New Jersey Department of Corrections’ memorial to its fallen officers, a polished black granite wall, standing four feet high that was dedicated on the grounds of our Central Office on May 17, 2007. The U.S. Department of Justice provided the department with a grant to fund the memorial.

The significance of this memorial cannot be overstated. It is our fervent hope that by recognizing our fallen heroes in this manner, perhaps all of us can gain some measure of appreciation of the impact these brave individuals had on the communities they were sworn to protect as well as the lives of those who knew and loved them.

Fallen Officers Memorial
Deputy Keeper
James B. Lippincott
End of Watch: 3/2/1894
William Harrison Hemsing
End of Watch: 08/17/1889
Centre Keeper
Jacob Grandine Van Houten
End of Watch: 04/14/1896
Deputy Keeper
Charles I. Parker
End of Watch: 10/25/1900
Joseph W. Martin
End of Watch: 11/13/1908
Deputy Keeper
Edward McManus
End of Watch: 02/18/1909
Centre Keeper
John R. Fitzgerald
End of Watch: 05/10/1911
Deputy Keeper
Eli B. Stetser
End of Watch: 09/21/1913
Deputy Keeper
Frederick A. Douglass
End of Watch: 03/11/1915
Deputy Keeper
Bruce Linwood Drummond
End of Watch: 03/20/1919
Deputy Keeper
George Harrison
End of Watch: 05/04/1924
Deputy Keeper
Daniel J. Walsh
End of Watch: 07/03/1924
Deputy Keeper
Joseph H. Tinney
End of Watch: 02/04/1928
Deputy Keeper
Frank Butcher
End of Watch: 03/13/1930
Correctional Officer
Victor Veteritto
End of Watch: 02/28/1951
Deputy Keeper
Joseph Peto
End of Watch: 12/02/1948
Corrections Officer
Alonzo Lanphear
End of Watch: 04/10/1954
Corrections Officer
Donald Hiles
End of Watch: 03/08/1968
Correctional Officer
George Pazkowski
End of Watch: 08/08/1969
Donald Bourne
End of Watch: 02/28/1972
Senior Corrections Officer
Dean Evans
End of Watch: 07/07/1978
Senior Corrections Officer
Frederick W. Baker
End of Watch: 07/30/1997
Michael Price
End of Watch: 04/19/2000
Senior Corrections Officer
Wayne Clark
End of Watch: 01/10/2006
Joseph Lee Glover
End of Watch: 04/19/2007
Senior Corrections Officer
Nikeelan Semmons
End of Watch: 07/01/2016