General Testing Information

Where do I go to take the Exam?

The CSC uses examination centers throughout the State. These centers have been chosen for both their suitability as test sits and their location near transportation routes. You will receive a written notice 2-3 weeks prior to the test date which will tell you when and where your test will be administered. You must bring your notice with you to the test center.

URGENT NOTICE: You are not permitted to have a cell phone within the Test Center. If you are found to have a cell phone, you will be disqualified from the testing process.

Sample Notice

Sample Notice

What to Bring to the Test Center?

Bring your written notice, three No.2 pencils, a photo ID, and other items shown on your notice under "Special Instructions". Calculators are optional unless the "Special Instructions" on your notice say otherwise.

Valid Forms of Photo ID include

  • Driver's License
  • Employee ID
  • Student ID
  • County ID
  • Bank credit card with photo
  • Passport
  • Welfare card or other Government ID

CSC Assessment Methods

For a more detailed explanation of the types of assessment methods utilized by the Civil Service Commission, click here.

Arrival Times/Late Policy

Please arrive at the examination center by the start time shown on your notice. If you arrive later, you will not be admitted to the exam.

  • Unless the examination notice states otherwise, candidates for written examinations or examinations containing written and performance parts shall be admitted to the examination if they arrive at the test room within 15 minutes after the designated time.
  • Candidates for oral examinations or examinations containing oral and performance parts shall be admitted to the examination if they arrive at the test room within 30 minutes after the designated time, provided the last candidate has not started the examination.

What this means is that (for #1 above), if the candidate notice says that the test time is 6:00 p.m., you have until 6:15 p.m. to arrive at your testing room. If you arrive at the test center at 6:10 p.m. and it takes you 6 minuts to find your room, you are late (6:16 p.m.) and will not be tested. This does NOT mean that you should strive to arrive at the test room at 6:15 - you should still try to be at the test center 15 to 30 minutes early. There may be unforeseen circumstances that cause delays in your arrival - you don't want the stress of rushing to be added to the potential stress of taking a test. Also, if everyone in the test room arrives in the room early, the test can start sooner, and you'll be able to finish earlier.

Directions to Examination Centers

Make-Up Examinations

If you know of a reason that would prevent you from taking the test on your scheduled date and time, you must notify CSC in writing within 5 days after you receive your notice. From the time you receive your notice to the time of the test, if a condition or situation arises that will prevent you from taking the test at the scheduled time, you must notify CSC in writing within 5 days after the condition or situation arises.

The following reasons are appropriate for granting make-up examinations for most titles:

  • Administrative error by the CSC or the hiring agency
  • Serious illness, supported by a note from your doctor
  • Serious illness or death in your immediate family (spouse, child, legal ward, grandchild, foster child, parent, legal guardian, grandparent, brother, sister, father-in-law, mother-in-law, or other relative who lives with you)
  • Previously planned vacation outside of New Jersey, New York, Delaware, or Pennsylvania, supported by copies of reservations, tickets, and other documents
  • Temporary or emergency military assignments
  • Natural disasters

Mailing Address for Make-Up Requests

Make-Up Unit
New Jersey Civil Service Commission
P.O. Box 310
Trenton, NJ 08625-0310


FAX: 609-984-1064

Examination Postponements

Exams may be postponed for various reasons, especially due to bad weather.  The outlets listed below will broadcast CSC's examination postponement announcements. 

Another option is to call the CSC at (609) 292-4144; if examinations are postponed, that will be the first message you'll hear.  If there is no message about exams being postponed, report to the Examination Center at your scheduled time.

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