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The New Jersey Forest Service Nursery grows over 25 evergreen and deciduous tree and shrub seedling species in Jackson, NJ. The nursery sells bareroot tree seedlings through the Seedlings for Reforestation program, in packs of 50.

Seedlings for Reforestation
Order seedlings: 2021 Nursery Catalog [pdf 1.72 MB]

  • Seedlings are available in conifer and hardwood species
  • All public and private landowners are eligible
  • 25 seedlings per species; 50 seedling minimum for total order
  • Orders are accepted from Dec. 2 to April 15
  • Delivery/Pickups occur between March 26 and May 1
  • No shipping must be picked up at locations across the state

Please note the price structure change

  • Prices are now per each single seedling
  • You must choose 25 seedlings per species
  • Minimum order of 50 seedlings per order

Please note: the species listed on this website are provided as a guide only and may not reflect the actual nursery stock. Contact the nursery at 732-928-0029 for an up to date listing of available seedlings. Trees must be planted in New Jersey. Trees are not allowed to be resold as christmas trees or nursery stock.

Nursery Order Forms

  • New catalog will be on line December 7th and not to use the old forms

Phone 732-928-0029

Fax 732-928-4925

370 East Veterans Hwy
Jackson, New Jersey 08527