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Community Relations NJDEP Data Sources

NJDEP Data Sources

NJ-GeoWeb Radius Searches of Any Given Location

Using the Department's NJ-GeoWeb application, an environmental mapping tool, you can detect sites or other mapped environmental information within a radius (buffer) of your point of interest.

DEP Activities in Your Community:
Data Miner

The DEP Data Miner website is designed to provide up to the minute environmental listings of NJDEP activities in individual communities. This includes a list of all site remediation activities in a particular area and any spills or other findings of contamination reported to the DEP’s hotline within a specified date range.

Site-Specific Remediation Reports:

Looking for information on a particular case file? OPRA may be able to help you! The Open Public Records Act (OPRA) simplifies the process of accessing NJDEP site files. To view and/or copy site related files, fill out a request form and submit it to the OPRA office.