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If this site is for the Site Remediation Progam (SRP), why are there references to the Site Remediation & Waste Management Program (SWRM) on this Web site?

The Site Remediation Program (SRP) became the Site Remediation & Waste Management Program after a reorganization several years ago. Since then, another reorganization changed it back to the Site Remediation Program. Some of the pages may have the older SRWM designation.

Why do the current SRP pages look significantly different from the earlier ones?

The New Jersey state government Websites are being redesigned to give them a "family resemblance" and to make them easier to use. The SRWM Web pages are using a design compatible with the new state Web standards.

Why do I see a "" and a "" address for what appears to be same Web document?

For Web access, the "" and the "" go to the same place on the Web. The new NJ Web standards are encouraging a move to the simpler "" format.

For email, however, use the "" domain or else the email will not get through. Example: will work but will not.

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