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Underground Storage Tanks Information

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Straight Talk on Tanks

Leak detection methods for petroleum underground storage tanks and piping regulated in New Jersey
Guidance Document

Guide for the Submission of Remedial Action Workplans

Guidance to assist responsible parties who are required to prepare a Remedial Action Workplan for remediating a contaminated site.

Don't Wait Until 1998 - Spill, Overfill, and Corrosion Protection for USTs Regulated in NJ

Meeting the 12/22/98 deadline for upgrade of regulated underground storage tanks
Note concerning the UST Deadline

Permit Application Instructions Covers information for new, existing and upgrading storage tanks, as well as Construction and Discharge Related Permits, Application to Install or Substantially Modify an Underground Storage Tank System
UST Forms
Tank Contractors Certification Package Helps a candidate prepare for initial certification tests or renewal of certification
Certification Package
Underground Storage Tank Closure Plan Approval Application Permit application when seeking a Variance from the Technical Rules for an UST Closure or when seeking approval to Close an UST in less than 30 days
CPAA Documents
14 Day Notice of Intent to Close a Regulated Underground Storage Tank

Notification form to be submitted at least 14 days (used to be 30 days) prior to closure of a Regulated UST when no variance from the Technical Rules is requested.

NOTE: This document's functions are now covered by form UST-C13 Closure of an Underground Storage Tank (UST) System.
UST Form C13

Doing Inventory Control Right Instructions for performing proper inventory reconciliation on regulated underground storage tanks
Guidance Document
Manual Tank Gauging A method of leak detection for regulated underground storage tanks of 2,000 gallon capacity or smaller
Guidance Document
Underground Storage Tank Owner's Self-Inspection Checklist Allows the regulated underground storage tank owner or operator to determine the status of compliance with leak detection, spill, overfill and corrosion protection requirements
Checklist Documents
Important Notice to UST Owners and Operators Covers compliance options for 12/22/98 upgrade deadline
New Jersey Underground Storage Tank Data Updated copies of this data are no longer available. As an alternative, the Department's list of regulated USTs which are in compliance with the December 22, 1998 upgrade requirements is now updated daily.
UST Data Page
Tank Care - A Guide to the Operation and Maintenance of Your Underground Storage Tank System Booklet describing the requirements for proper operation and maintenance of your underground storage tank systems and the record keeping requirements as well. It also contains worksheets and checklists to assist you in performing these tasks.
Guidance Documents

See the SRP Underground Storage Tank section for additional information.

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