DEPTCOR is New Jersey's correctional industry program. An entity within the New Jersey Department of Corrections, DEPTCOR provides high quality products and services manufactured and offered by adults incarcerated in New Jersey's correctional system. DEPTCOR's factories and service industries throughout the state employ over 900 incarcerated males and females. These offenders are voluntarily assigned to meaningful work situations that help them develop useable skills and positive work habits. Through the development of these work habits, inmates prepare themselves for the challenges of post-release employment.

The Products

The products produced at the numerous plants across the state range from furniture to food items and, of course, license plates. Some other DEPTCOR products are city and highway signs, a wide selection of men and women's garments, textiles, silk screening/embroidery, and bedding. Services provided by DEPTCOR include graphics and printing.

DEPTCOR operates as a revolving fund within the Department of Corrections and is a self-supporting program deriving its revenues from the sale of its products and services. State statute defines those entities that may purchase from DEPTCOR.