Benefits to New Jersey

DEPTCOR is a correctional program designed to serve the following  four, related public purposes:

To reduce taxpayers' costs for operating the state's prison system and other public operations. This is done by supplying goods and services directly to the state prisons and operations.

To reduce disruption and violence by providing prisoners with lawful and productive activity. This function serves the needs for control and security but also has economic benefits for the taxpayer.

To provide job training to inmates who someday will be released back into society. This is not only a humane obligation of society, but the training also saves tax dollars: a man or woman able to earn a living through legal means is less likely to commit future crimes and be returned to prison. Every man or woman who is released and does not return to prison saves taxpayer monies in prison operating costs.

To satisfy citizens' expectations and demands that service of a prison sentence should include aprovision for work rather than indulgence in idleness.