About Us / Overview of Program

"DEPTCOR's mission is to educate, train, and provide marketable skills through the operation of a variety of manufacturing and service enterprises, enabling participating inmates to produce finished products that are top-quality and cost effective adding value to statewide "Tax-supported" agencies, resulting in, reduced inmate idleness, cost savings for the taxpayer, job opportunities to those having received DEPTCOR training once released from the Department of Corrections, and reduced recidivism. ."

The Bureau of State Use Industries, an agency within the New Jersey Department of Corrections, trading as "DEPTCOR" was established by an act of the New Jersey Legislature in 1918 to provide job training and employment for New Jersey state inmates.

DEPTCOR is administered without appropriated funds and is self-supporting. The system is financed out of a revolving fund, from which all operating expenses are paid.

The Divison Director of the Bureau reports to the Department of Corrections Assistant Commissioner for Administration. Under New Jersey Revised Statute 30:4-92 through 100 and Department Standard 610, the Bureau is responsible for: overall planning, selection of products, management of materials and equipment, coordination of processes, sales, distribution of products and provision of technical consultation and services.