Terms & Conditions

Who can order?

Federal and State Agencies.
Counties, Municipalities and Schools- can purchase from DEPTCOR. Those participating in cooperative purchasing arrangements with the state can purchase DEPTCOR products and services through NJ State Term Contract #49131.

All other Tax-supported Governmental Entities - may order directly from DEPTCOR. Please contact a DEPTCOR Customer Service Representative at 1-800-321-6524 or 1-609-633-8100 Ext. 5937 when necessary for a price quotation or formal bid response.

Placing an Order

DEPTCOR assigns Customer Service Representatives to all customers throughout the State. In addition to assisting customers in placing their orders, they also provide guidance to customers concerning DEPTCOR products. If you have not been contacted by one of our representatives, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-321-6524 or 1-609-633-8100 Ext. 5900 and we will refer a Customer Service Representative to you.

To ensure speedy processing of your order, please be sure your order includes the following

  • Correct item number
  • Fabric color, style and size
  • Name and telephone number of contact person
  • Quantity of each item ordered
  • Correct price charged (if unsure, check with our Customer Service Unit at
    1-800-321-6524 or 1-609-633-8100 Ext. 5900
  • Shipping instructions should also include name and number of contact person to resolve delivery conflicts and for advance notice requirements.

Customer assumes responsibility for providing correct information.

To Fax an Order

(For Municipal or County orders only). 
For faster order processing, you may fax your order to us, then mail a "CONFIRMING" copy.  First, complete your purchase order or voucher, which must be signed by an authorized purchasing agent.  Include the proper DEPTCOR inventory code number(s) and pricing from our current price list.  Next, fax your order directly to our Customer Service Unit at 609-292-5777.  Then mail the hard copy of your purchase order or voucher.  You must mark this copy "CONFIRMING ORDER."  Should you neglect to mark your P.O. or voucher "CONFIRMING ORDER", and a duplicate order is shipped, that order will be subject to a restocking charge.

Special Information


State Agencies- State Agencies utilizing NJCFS/MACS-E, please process orders to DEPTCOR using:

Vendor: 000000001 00
State Contract Number: 49131
Commodity Code: 200 82 025022 (Sample)
Sales Telephone: 1-609-633-8100    Ext 5900
Toll Free: 1-800-321-6524
Fax Number: 1-609-292-5777
Email: deptcor.sales@doc.nj.gov


Prices shown in our price list supersede all previous lists.  Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices indicated for each product are reviewed carefully and represent, to the best of our knowledge, fair market value when compared with similar commercially available products.  Certain products may involve additional charges.  To avoid delays in processing your order, you may wish to confirm prices for your specific order with our Customer Service Unit.  They can be reached any business day between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at 1-800-321-6524 or 1-609-633-8100 Ext. 5900.


DEPTCOR's price includes delivery to the end location. Unless otherwise noted, all orders will be shipped F.O.B. customer dock. Additional charges may be incurred for installation of furniture which includes uncrating, setting furniture in place and removal of crating/packaging debris.

Special Orders/Quotes

Custom products and services are subject to quote on request. The products listed herein are those most commonly available from DEPTCOR, however we do manufacture many related items. Variations of standard products can be considered for manufacture by DEPTCOR depending on such factors as delivery, quantities, specifications, etc. For more information, contact your DEPTCOR Customer Service Representative.


Please contact the Customer Service Unit to make arrangements for any returned item(s).  Customer requests for the return of merchandise incorrectly ordered by the customer are subject to a restocking charge.  Charges vary with the type of product originally ordered as follows:


Standard Stocking Products - 10% restocking charge.

Standard Nonstocking Products - 20% restocking charge.

Special Orders Products - (manufactured to customer specifications) are not returnable.

NOTE: All returned merchandise must be in its original shipping carton or packaged in a manner that meets DEPTCOR shipping specifications.  All returned merchandise must have prior approval from DEPTCOR.


Cancellations of purchase orders must be received in our Customer Service Unit at least 72 hours in advance of delivery. The customer will be subject to the restocking charges as noted above.


Product quality and customer satisfaction are our highest priorities. We warrant every product to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase.

Should the materials and workmanship in our products fail to meet contract specifications, notify our Customer Service Department immediately. (We cannot extend a warranty for materials beyond that extended by the manufacturing supplier.)

Customer Complaints/Damaged Goods

Before accepting delivery, YOU MUST EXAMINE YOUR SHIPMENT CAREFULLY. All claims must be filed immediately upon discovery.  Receiving personnel who sign DEPTCOR shipping memo(s) are confirming acceptance of delivery with respect to items and quantities noted therein.  If upon review of your order, you find that there is some problem, please notify our Customer Service Unit at 1-800-321-6524 or 1-609-633-8100 Ext. 5900.  Please have your original purchase order number, your DEPTCOR shipping memo and your DEPTCOR customer account number available.