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School Year 2016-17 Assessment Reports

Fall 2016 PARCC Results

Spring 2017 PARCC Results

2017 State Summary for Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) Testing

Grade 4 New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge Spring 20171

Grade 8 New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge Spring 20171

New Jersey Biology Competency Test Spring 2017

All of the above files zipped (764 kb zip)

Alternative Proficiency Assessment 2017

Please Note: The results of the redesigned NJ APA cannot be compared with those of previous assessments due to changes in test design in 2009.  In order to meet the requirements of NCLB and the United States Department of Education peer review, the APA was revised to include changes to content that may be assessed and the dimensions on which that content is scored.  These revisions were implemented in the 2008-2009 school year.  As a result, longitudinal analyses and comparisons across or including the 2008-2009 assessment year are not recommended, nor are they likely to be interpretable.

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