New Jersey Department of Education

Educational Services Personnel


Educational services certificates are issued to support service personnel and authorize them to serve in preschool through grade 12. To be eligible for a certificate, you must hold the appropriate degree and complete any applicable New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE)-required test(s) along with one of the following:

  1. A NJDOE-approved educational services program at a New Jersey college or university;
  2. An accredited educational services program at an out-of-state college or university which leads to a reciprocal certificate in New Jersey; or
  3. All requirements for the individual endorsements noted below as determined through a formal credential evaluation by the Office of Certification.

Emergency Certificate

An emergency certificate is issued to educational services personnel when a school district is unable to find a fully qualified candidate with the required certificate. If the candidate has not met the full certification requirements, then they may be hired under emergency certification for an allotted time period while pursuing the necessary coursework.

Degree Requirements
All credits and degrees must appear on an accredited four-year college or university transcript.

Exceptions: Coursework for the Educational Interpreter emergency certificate may appear on a two- or four-year college or university transcript.

How to Apply
The hiring school district instructs the candidate when to apply for the emergency certificate through NJEdCert.
An emergency certificate may be issued at any time during the academic year. The certificate is only valid for employment in the school district requesting the emergency certificate.
An emergency certificate expires on July 31 of the academic year in which the certificate was issued.
If the candidate is making progress towards completing the requirements for the full certificate, then they may renew their emergency certificate each year for a maximum of two years.

Exceptions: The Educational Interpreter emergency certificate may be renewed a total of three times.

Three-Step Certification Process

The following endorsements require a three-step certification process:

Endorsement Specification Code Emergency Certificate
Associate School Library Media Specialist 2845 No
School Library Media Specialist 2855 Yes
Speech Language Specialist 3462 No
Student Assistance Coordinator 3461 No


One-Step Certification Process

A standard certificate is available for the following endorsements:

Endorsement Specification Code Emergency Certificate
Cooperative Education Coordinator 3465 Yes
Cooperative Education Coordinator-Hazardous Occupations  3464 Yes
Director of School Counseling Services 0602 Yes
Educational Interpreter: Cued Speech Transliteration 3469 Yes
Educational Interpreter: Sign Language 3463 Yes
Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant 3300 Yes
Reading Specialist 3310 Yes
School Athletic Trainer 2930 No
School Counselor 2702 Yes
School Nurse 3000 No
School Nurse/Non-Instructional 3010 Yes
School Occupational Therapist 2910 No
School Orientation and Mobility Specialist 3500 No
School Physical Therapist 2920 No
School Psychologist 3100 Yes
School Social Worker 3200 Yes
Speech Language Specialist 3462 No


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