New Jersey Department of Education

New Jersey Achievement Coaches Content Development Program

Division: Teacher and Leader Effectiveness
Office: Evaluation


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Purpose: The New Jersey Achievement Coaches Content Developers Program is a state-funded initiative designed to empower many of New Jersey�s outstanding educators to provide direct support to their peers through high quality training and resources through the development of high quality training modules. The three content focus areas are: Teacher Practice, Instructional Alignment and Evidence-based Professional Growth and Leadership. This grant program is offered in support of the companion grant program (Achievement Coaches Content Developers Program) will be offered to support this effort. This limited competitive grant program is open to LEAs. An eligible LEA may apply to develop training modules on one of the three focus areas. The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) has established a 6.5 month grant program using RTTT3 funding. Based on the availability of federal resources, this seven month grant program will begin February 1, 2015 and end on August 15, 2015.

Eligible Agencies: LEAs in New Jersey

Approximate Number of Awards: 1-3 Grant Program Type: Competitive
Total Amt. Available: $250,000 Application Due Date: 11/25/2014

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