New Jersey Department of Education

County Vocational School District Partnership Grant-Cohort 3

Division: Teaching and Learning
Office: Career and Technical Education


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Purpose: The County Vocational School District Partnership Grant-Cohort 3 is a reissuance of a FY15 and FY16 state-funded partnership programs between county vocational school districts and urban districts, other school districts, business and industry groups, county colleges and other entities to expand access and student opportunities in career and technical education (CTE) for secondary (high school) students. County Vocational Schools will use their expertise to create new programs or replicate existing, successful CTE programs in partnership with school districts with comprehensive high schools. Additional partners must include an employer or business and industry group and may also include a postsecondary partner. Competitive preference will be for those partnerships involving an economically disadvantaged comprehensive high school (CHS). Proposed programs must be of high quality and be designed for at least 20 students. Programs will also be required to undergo standard NJDOE CTE program approval prior to full implementation. The Cohort 3 grant program is a thirty eight (38) month grant program. Within the first four months grantees will plan and design their program, with program implementation to begin September 1, 2017. The maximum award under this program is $330,000. Eligibility to apply for this County Vocational School District Partnership Grant is limited to County Vocational Schools as the lead agency of the partnership. County Vocational Schools who were funded under the FY15 and/or FY16 programs are eligible to apply provided the proposed CTE program is not the one for which they received funding under the FY15 and/or FY16 program. The project period is May 1, 2017-June 30, 2020.

Eligible Agencies: All County Vocational Schools partnering with an employer, business and industry association or labor trade organization.

Approximate Number of Awards: 4 Grant Program Type: Competitive
Total Amt. Available: $1,312,923 Application Due Date: 2/10/2017

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