New Jersey Department of Education

Early College Model Program

Division: Academics and Performance
Office: Career Readiness

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Purpose: The Early College Model Program – Competitive grant program is a 100% FY20 state funded initiative  open to LEAs and is intended to support an existing  partnership between the LEA and at least one accredited four-year institution of higher education (IHE) that allows participants to simultaneously complete requirements towards earning a regular high school diploma and also earn credits that are transferable to the IHE in the partnership as part of an organized course of study towards a postsecondary degree or credential at no cost to the participant or their family. To demonstrate early college model mastery, the partnership between the LEA and the IHE must have been in existence for at least five (5) years. This is a fourteen (14) month grant program.

Eligible Agencies: Comprehensive High School Districts Located within the NJ Opportunity Zone.

Approximate Number of Awards: 1 Grant Program Type: Competitive
Total Amt. Available: $250,000 Application Due Date: 4/2/2020

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