New Jersey Department of Education

Fiscal Year 2022: Federal Award Identification Numbers (FAIN)

Acronyms used in table:

  • 21st CCLC: 21st Century Community Learner Center
  • ALN: Assisted Listing Numbers
  • ARP: American Rescue Plan
  • CARES: Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act
  • CEEP: Certification of Eligibility Educator Preparation
  • CFDA: Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
  • CTE: Career and Technical Education
  • CTSO: Career and Technical Student Organizations
  • ESSER: Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief
  • FBLA: Future Business Leaders of America
  • FCCLA: Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America
  • LEA: Local Educational Agency
  • N/A: Not Applicable
  • RLIS: Rural and Low Income Schools
  • TA: Technical Assistance
  • TSA: Technology Student Association
Federal Grant Name ALN/CFDA Number FAIN Number Federal Award Date
Basic 84.027 H027A210100 7/1/2021
Preschool 84.173 H173A210114 7/1/2021
Perkins Post Secondary Federal Funds 84.048 V048A210030 7/1/2021
Perkins Post Secondary State Funds state funds N/A  
Perkins Post Secondary Rural Funds 84.048 V048A210030 7/1/2021
21st Century 84.287C S287C210030 7/1/2021
Perkins Secondary Federal Funds 84.048 V048A210030 7/1/2021
Perkins Secondary Reserve Funds 84.048 V048A210030 7/1/2021
CCLC-Competitive 84.287C S287C210030 7/1/2021
CTSO-Skills Continuation state funds N/A  
CTSO-TSA Continuation state funds N/A  
CTSO-DECA Continuation state funds N/A  
CTSO-FBLA Continuation state funds N/A  
CTSO-FCCLA Continuation state funds N/A  
Title I-A 84.010 S010A210030 7/1/2021
Title I D LEA 84.010 S010A210030 7/1/2021
Title I N&D State Agencies 84.013 S013A210030 7/1/2021
Title I SIA Part A 84.010 S010A210030 7/1/2021
Title II-A 84.367 S367A210029 7/1/2021
Title III 84.365 S365A210030 7/1/2021
Title III Immigrant 84.365 S365A210030 7/1/2021
Title IV Part A 84.424 S424A210031 7/1/2021
Title V RLIS 84.358 S358B210030 7/1/2021
McKinney Continuation 84.196 S196A210031 7/1/2021
Drug Abuse Education Cont state funds N/A N/A
CTE CEEP Continuation 84.048 V048A200030 7/1/2020
21st CCLC TA Continuation 84.287C S287C210030 7/1/2021
CTSO HOSA Continuation state funds N/A N/A
Eng of Parents of Students with Disab Cont 84.027 H027A200100 7/1/2020
Troops to Teach Continuation 12.620 H982101810014 7/1/2021
Middle Grades Career Awareness and Explore Comp 84.048 V048A200030 7/1/2020
EXPAND Pre Apprenticeship Cont 84.048 V048A200030 7/1/2020
ARP ESSER 84.425U S425U210027 3/24/2021
Academic Impact of Lost Instruction Time 84.425U S425U210027 3/24/2021
Evidence Based Summer Learning and Enrichment 84.425U S425U210027 3/24/2021
Evidence Based Comprehensive Afterschool Program 84.425U S425U210027 3/24/2021
Emergency Needs 84.425U S425U210027 3/24/2021
Homeless 84.196 S196A210031 7/1/2020
ARP Basic 84.027X H027X210100 7/1/2021
ARP Preschool 84.173X H173X210114 7/1/2021
ARP Homeless Children & Youth 84.425W S425W210031 4/23/2021

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