New Jersey Department of Education

Entitlement Grants Amendment Requirements

A Local Educational Agency (LEA) must file an amendment to their Entitlement Grants in the EWEG system to do any of the following:

  1. Revise the approved budget for a title when the amount of the transfers among budget lines exceeds 10% of the total allocation for the title.
  2. Revise the approved budget for a title when funds are transferred to an unopened budget line (a line in which no funds were previously budgeted).
  3. Budget carryover and/or overpayment resulting from the approval of a previous year final report when the original current year application or previous amendment was approved without the carryover/overpayment.
  4. Budget an additional allocation awarded after an original application or previous amendment was approved.
  5. Make programmatic and/or budgetary changes in the scope of activities being implemented.
  6. For Title I only: Make revisions that result from an approval for Title I-Schoolwide Program designation.

A LEA may file an amendment for other changes including budget revisions of less than 10%, but it is not required.

Please submit amendments in a timely manner. LEAs will not be able to submit reimbursement requests for carryover funds until an amendment is submitted to the NJDOE.

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