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School Finance

Taxpayers' Guide to Education Spending 2021

Total Spending Per Pupil

Vital Statistics for Total Spending Per Pupil 2019-20

Indicator 1 Budgetary Per Pupil Cost
Indicator 2 Total Classroom Instruction
Indicator 3 Classroom Salaries and Benefits
Indicator 4 Classroom Supplies/Textbooks
Indicator 5 Classroom Purchased Services/Other Costs
Indicator 6 Total Support Services
Indicator 7 Salaries and Benefits for Support Services
Indicator 8 Total Administration
Indicator 8A Legal Services
Indicator 9 Administration Salaries and Benefits
Indicator 10 Total Operations and Maintenance of Plant
Indicator 11 Salaries and Benefits for Operations and Maintenance of Plant
Indicator 12 Board Contributions to the Food Service Program
Indicator 13 Extracurricular Costs
Indicator 14 Personal Services - Employee Benefits
Indicator 15 Total Equipment Cost
Indicator 16 Ratio of Students to Classroom Teachers and Median Classroom Teacher Salary
Indicator 17 Ratio of Students to Educational Support Personnel and Median Salary
Indicator 18 Ratio of Students to Administrative Personnel and Median Salary
Indicator 19 Ratio of Faculty to Administrative Personnel
Indicator 20 Comparison of Budgeted General Fund Balance vs. Actual (Used) or Generated
Indicator 21 General Fund Excess Surplus

Summary of Budgetary Per Pupil Indicators – 2018-19 and 2019-20 Actual and 2020-21 Original Budget