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Military Spouses and Veterans

Our Commitment

The New Jersey Department of Education recognizes and values the personal and professional sacrifices made by our nation’s military-connected families. Like many other states in our country, New Jersey offers the following assistance and supports to military spouses and veterans who apply for educator certification:

  • Expedited review of certification application
  • Fee waiver for initial certification application (one endorsement only)
  • Military liaison to help navigate the certification process

Applying for Certification

On the application, please be sure you check the appropriate box to identify your military status. When you submit your application, you will receive a checklist detailing the documentation you must send in to complete the application and verify your military status (applicants are required to submit a copy of both sides of their valid military identification card and/or their DD214).

Military Liaison

If you are a military spouse or veteran and have questions, please feel free to contact our military liaison at

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