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Where can I find information on K-12 education in New Jersey?

The Department of Education provides statistics and reports about schools in the state of New Jersey.

Where can I find a directory of schools and school districts?

What immunizations are required for my child to start school?

Information about immunizations for school children is available from the Department of Health and Senior Services.

How can I find out if my child is eligible to receive free meals at school?

The Child Nutrition Programs page contains links to information on many different programs that provide assistance to pay for school lunches.

Where can I find information on home schooling?

View the most frequently asked questions about home schooling.

Where can I find information on getting my GED?

The Tests of General Education Development (GED) Web site contains information on a variety of topics related to obtaining a GED.

How do I learn more about the SAT?

The College Board Web site allows students to register online for the SAT and practice with actual SAT test questions.

Where can I find a listing of two- and four-year public and private colleges and universities in New Jersey?

NJ College & Universities lists the state's institutions of higher learning.

How do I obtain admissions information for colleges in New Jersey?

Admissions criteria vary by school. Visit the Web site for the specific school you are interested in to find its admissions guidelines.

Where can I find information on prepaying my child's college tuition?

NJ Best is New Jersey's college savings plan.

How do I find information on state scholarships or financial aid for college?

The Higher Education Student Assistance Authority provides information about state scholarships and financial aid.