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06/05/2018   LFN 2018-17: Recently-Enacted Laws Pertaining to Local Government
05/08/2018   LFN 2018-15: SALT Charitable Contribution Law
02/19/2018   Online Tax Sales: Adoption of N.J.A.C. 5:33-1.1
01/22/2018   LFN 2018-03 Certification Unit Update
01/22/2018   New Law Impacting LPCL Construction Contracts
01/18/2018   LOSAP CY2017 Annual CPI Adjustment
12/19/2017   CY 2018 Budget Matters: "FAST" System

LFN 2018-17: Recently-Enacted Laws Pertaining to Local Government - 06/05/2018

Local Finance Notice 2018-17 summarizes the following local government-related laws: (P.L. 2018, c.9) The "Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act" (P.L. 2018, c.8) Permits taxpayers to make dedicated prepayments toward anticipated property taxes (P.L. 2017, c.272) Requires public employers to implement a uniform domestic violence policy to be developed by the Civil Service Commission (P.L. 2017, c.266) Authorizes municipalities to create and maintain a list, for use by first responders, of municipal residents in need of special emergency assistance (P.L. 2017, c.260) Permits an increase in the municipal free public library tax upon voter approval at the November general election (P.L. 2017, c.253) Allows a municipality to authorize its parking authority to serve as a redevelopment entity, subject to Local Finance Board approval.

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LFN 2018-15: SALT Charitable Contribution Law - 05/08/2018

Senate Bill 1893, signed by Governor Murphy on May 4, 2018, authorizes municipalities, counties and school districts to establish one or more charitable funds for specific public purposes, and permits certain donations to those charitable funds to be credited toward the donor’s property tax obligation.  The law takes effect on July 3, 2018 (the 60th day following enactment) once implementing regulations are adopted by the Department of Community Affairs, Department of Treasury, and other appropriate State agencies.  Please review Local Finance Notice 2018-15 for further information on the new law. 

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Online Tax Sales: Adoption of N.J.A.C. 5:33-1.1 - 02/19/2018

Local Finance Notice 2018-08 discusses the recent adoption of N.J.A.C. 5:33-1.1.  The new rule creates a regulatory framework for internet-based sales of delinquent property taxes and municipal charges (online tax sales). To facilitate transition from the long-standing pilot program to the new rules, municipalities who had previously received Division approval to conduct online tax sales under the pilot program may rely on that prior approval to conduct one more tax sale (and one more water/sewer lien sale if the municipality conducts such sales separately) under the pilot program so long as the tax sale is held on a date no later than June 30, 2018.  All online tax sales held from July 1, 2018 on forward shall be conducted pursuant to the new rules.  Any municipality that had not participated in the pilot program must hold an online tax sale pursuant to the new rules regardless of the date the tax sale is to be held.

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LFN 2018-03 Certification Unit Update - 01/22/2018

Local Finance Notice 2018-03 discusses recently adopted regulations regarding certain DLGS-licensed positions.  Set forth at N.J.A.C. 5:32, these regulations codify and clarify the Division’s policies relating to Chief Financial Officers, Tax Collectors, Municipal Clerks, and Qualified Purchasing Agents.  In addition, this Notice discusses temporary appointments, the use of shared services agreements to fill certain positions, and the statutory prohibition on leaving licensed officials otherwise eligible for tenure on holdover status.

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New Law Impacting LPCL Construction Contracts - 01/22/2018

P.L. 2017, c. 317 incorporates several "changed conditions" provisions into construction contracts subject to the Local Public Contracts Law (LPCL) for which bids were advertised on or after January 16, 2018. These provisions address contracting unit and contractor obligations when "differing site conditions", "suspension of work", "material change in character of work", and "change in quantity of work" as defined in the law arise. Further, these provisions are a part of the construction contract regardless of whether the terms are expressly stated in the contract. Please review the new law with your legal counsel and engineer.

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LOSAP CY2017 Annual CPI Adjustment - 01/18/2018

Local Finance Notice 2018-02 provides local units administering a Length of Service Awards Program (LOSAP) with general information regarding LOSAP award increases, together with the annual cost of living adjustment to the maximum award amounts.

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CY 2018 Budget Matters: "FAST" System - 12/19/2017

Local Finance Notice 2017-26 contains important updated information on the CY 2018 budget process, including budget deadline and enforcement.  LFN 2017-26 also includes important information regarding the rollout of the Financial Automation Submission Tracking system to municipalities and counties.  Of note, the Division, has established a FAST Updates webpage which includes links to the Webinar Schedule and the Open Training Schedule.  All Business Administrators and CFOs should review this Notice carefully and share it with appropriate officers who participate in the budget planning process.

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