FY 2023 Local Recreation Improvement Grant (LRIG)

The Local Recreation Improvement Grant is a competitive grant that supports improvement and repair of public recreation facilities including local parks, municipal recreation centers, and local stadiums. Ensuring public access to community facilities is imperative given access to outdoor recreation and community resources is critical for mental and physical health, particularly for those residents with limited or no other access to quality outdoor space or private recreational opportunities. Assisting local units confronted with the ongoing financial strain from the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects and aftereffects in achieving unmet recreational obligations addresses these equity considerations, meeting the needs of communities that have been placed under substantial stress due to the lack of quality recreational facilities and spaces. The Local Recreation Improvement Grant will allocate funds to update facilities and recreational spaces to meet this statewide need.

Local Recreation Improvement Grant funds will be allocated to each grant recipient to help cover costs associated with updating community centers, playgrounds, pools, fields, walking or bicycle trails, rail trails, multi-sport courts, and recreational facilities; project development professional services costs; equipment costs including playground and recreation facilities equipment; and environmental remediation costs required to prepare recreation sites for use.

The Local Recreation Improvement Grant (LRIG) exists to:

  • Fund improvements to recreational facilities
  • Provide quality outdoor recreational space to underserved communities, particularly in this time of heightened need
  • Assist local units in achieving unmet recreational obligations
  • Equipment example (example: cost of playgrounds or stadium or community theatre bleachers.
  • Remediation costs associated with preparing recreation sites for use.
  • Other directly related costs.


Governor Murphy has appropriated $25 million in the FY2023 budget for the Local Recreation Improvement Grant to support improvement and repairs to public recreation facilities.  The Division of Local Government Services (DLGS) within the Department of Community Affairs will administer the Local Recreation Improvement Grant awards, which may be adjusted or capped based upon applications submitted. A recommended maximum award of $100,000 shall govern; however, awards in excess of the cap may be authorized if warranted and depending upon program demand.  LRIG may supplement new and existing projects, but funding duplication is not permitted and cannot supplant allocated grant funding from other sources.  Priority will be given to unfunded projects and those that include a local match component.  


New Jersey counties, municipalities, and school districts are eligible to apply.


Applicants must submit applications utilizing the NJDCA SAGE Portal. 


DLGS must be in receipt of one electronic copy of the completed application in SAGE by 5:00 P.M. EST on January 20, 2023,  for the applicant(s) to be eligible for grant funding.

Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding. Applications not submitted on or before 5 P.M. on January 20, 2023, will be rejected.


Applicants may contact Alessandra Case at Alessandra.Case@dca.nj.gov or (609) 913-4401 to discuss program and project needs up to submission of the application.  Questions may also be submitted via e-mail to lrig@dca.nj.gov.

Local Recreation Improvement Grant Guidelines

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LRIG Awards:
Nov. 2022 LRIG Grant Press Release

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