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Department of Community Affairs

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Local Efficiency Achievement Program (LEAP)

The Department of Community Affairs (DCA) is dedicated to helping local governments improve the quality of life in every one of the state’s 564 municipalities. Through a variety of programs, DCA’s Division of Local Government Services (DLGS) works with counties and municipalities to streamline government operations and reduce costs and property taxes.  

In 2018, Governor Phil Murphy launched the Shared Services program with the appointment of two “Czars,” former mayors Nicolas Platt and Jordan Glatt, to promote shared services throughout the State. 

In 2019, DLGS established the Local Assistance Bureau (LAB) to provide direct support to local units in a variety of ways. This includes a key collaboration with the Czars and local governments to identify and implement shared services opportunities across the State.

The Local Efficiency Achievement Program (LEAP) Grants provide direct support to advance the efforts of Shared Services in all local governments.  For additional information about Shared Services, please visit the website at:

Sharing services offers numerous benefits for participating communities. It reduces costs, delivers municipal services in a more efficient manner, and generates increased value for each dollar spent while ensuring local units remain responsible stewards of the public trust. 

LEAP affords an unprecedented opportunity to incentivize shared services implementation across New Jersey’s local government entities, advancing the mission of the Shared Services Program. LEAP facilitates exploring and establishing shared services. LEAP provides counties, municipalities, school districts, commissions, authorities and fire districts assistance for the study or implementation of promising shared services projects undertaken pursuant to the Uniform Shared Service and Consolidation Act. The program is available to all New Jersey local government units.  

LEAP is comprised of three primary components: Challenge Grants, Implementation Grants, and County Coordinator Fellowship Grants. 

DLGS is responsible for administering the LEAP. Eligible entities are invited to apply for grant funds under each of the LEAP Grants. All information needed to apply is contained in the guidelines and the application package.

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