In accordance with N.J.S.A. 26:2K-67, the Office of Emergency Medical Services has published EMS response times on the Department of Health’s website since 2018. EMS response times are based upon NEMSIS defined data elements exported to the NJ EMS data repository by New Jersey EMS agencies.  The EMS Data Repository receives over 1.5 million incidents annually. Only incidents marked “Emergent Response” are included in the analysis.  The data dashboards provide for a more interactive and user-friendly experience. Dashboards currently display data for 2020 at an Advanced Life Support (ALS), Basic Life Support (BLS), or county level. 

To use the dashboard:

Select the county, ALS or BLS tab at the top of the display page.

To filter the date range, click on the month at the top right of the graph.


Last Reviewed: 3/23/2022