eWIC is Coming


New Jersey WIC introduces eWIC!

New Jersey WIC Program is now moving from checks to eWIC to deliver WIC food benefits.

 eWIC Card

What are the benefits of eWIC?

  • eWIC is a more convenient and flexible way to shop.
  • Shopping for authorized WIC products can be done with multiple trips to the store rather than purchasing everything at one time.
  • Any food benefits not used on one shopping trip will be available on the next trip until the end of the benefit period.
  • There will be only one card per family - All family food benefits are available through one card


When will WIC participants be able to begin using eWIC?

New Jersey WIC participants will be provided with more information from WIC clinic staff prior to the eWIC roll out in your area.


Check out the eWIC for Participants page to learn more about New Jersey eWIC.


How will eWIC benefit Vendors?

New Jersey WIC authorized vendors will be contacted by the New Jersey WIC contractor (Solutran) and by the New Jersey WIC Vendor Unit staff regarding steps necessary to be ready for eWIC.


Check out the eWIC for Vendors page to learn more about Forms, Tools, FAQs and other resources for WIC vendors.


New Jersey eWIC Statewide Rollout Map

Last Reviewed: 5/27/2021