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If you operate a farm that meets NJ WIC criteria and would like to become a participating farmer vendor, please contact the New Jersey WIC Farmer's Market Unit.

NJ WIC Farmer’s Market Unit
50 East State Street, Trenton, New Jersey 08625


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How to Become an Approved Farmer

Farmers who want to become authorized/certified farmer vendors with New Jersey WIC for a three-year term should meet the following criteria:

1. A minimum of five acres in production.

2.  At least 35 percent of the produce sold is self-grown. The remainder must be locally grown, except produce for the Cash-Value Voucher (CVV).

3. At least seven authorized, locally grown fruits, vegetables and/or herbs throughout the season for New Jersey WIC, except for fruit-only farms and produce for the CVV.

4. At least three self-grown items at all times for New Jersey WIC, except for fruit-only farms, and produce for the CVV.  All produce sold for New Jersey WIC checks must be locally grown.

5. Completion of interactive, face-to-face training with New Jersey WIC. Authorized/certified farmer vendors must retrain every three years for re-authorization.

6. Compliance with terms and conditions of zoning, building and health codes of any municipality with jurisdiction over the farmer vendor's property.

7. No violations of other Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) programs and not currently disqualified, sanctioned or under investigation by any state program.

8. Acceptance of responsibility for training all employees and informing them about all applicable New Jersey WIC rules and regulations.

9. Submission of all required documentation to New Jersey WIC.

10. Compliance with all required corrective actions resulting from monitoring by New Jersey WIC.

11. Operation for a minimum of six hours per week.

12. No purchases, sales or trades of New Jersey WIC checks or CVVs.

13. No applications to New Jersey WIC under any other name during periods of suspension.

14. No criminal convictions or civil judgments.

15. Weekly deposits of New Jersey WIC checks. CVVs must be deposited before the “must deposit by” date on the vouchers.

Last Reviewed: 5/27/2019