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Periods (menstruation)

Period underwear

Key facts about period underwear:
  • Period underwear provide all-in-one protection.
  • They are reusable, sustainable, and available in different styles and absorbency levels.
  • Period underwear can be used for sports, swimming, overnight protection, and replace internal and external products like pads or tampons.

Like pads, cups, discs and tampons, the goal of period underwear is to collect menstrual flow, keep wearers dry, and offer leak-proof protection. Period underwear offer a comfortable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional period products like pads and tampons.

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Period underwear options

Period underwear are available in a range of styles and absorbency options. Styles include bikini-cut, high-waisted, boyshorts, thong, briefs, and maternity. Most styles come in various absorbency levels for light, heavy, or moderate flows.


How to use period underwear

Period underwear are worn just like a regular pair of underwear.

They're usually made with moisture barrier that keeps you feeling dry and an extra layer meant to prevent leaks.

Choose a pair that fits you comfortably, not too tight or too loose.

Certain types have a space that holds a pad. This is useful for overnight protection from leaks or stains.

Remember to change and clean your period underwear every 12 hours, or more often if necessary. Many types of underwear include an antimicrobial layer to minimize odor, but regular changing ensures you stay fresh.

Make sure to follow the washing instructions provided by the specific type and brand you use.

Benefits of period underwear

Leak-proof protection

The absorbent layers in period underwear capture and contain period blood, preventing leaks.

Comfortable and breathable

Made from soft and breathable fabrics, period underwear keeps you feeling dry, fresh, and comfortable throughout the day.

Environmentally friendly

By opting for reusable period underwear, you reduce your contribution to landfill waste, making it an eco-conscious choice.


Investing in period underwear eliminates the ongoing expense of disposable period products, saving you money in the long run.

Period underwear hygiene and maintenance

Changing and washing

Change your period underwear every 8-12 hours or as needed. Rinse them in cold water before washing to remove excess blood, then follow the manufacturer's care instructions.

Stain removal

For stubborn stains, consider using eco-friendly stain removers or pre-soaking in cold water before washing.

Drying and storage

Air-dry your period underwear or follow the manufacturer's instructions for machine drying. Store them in a clean and dry place until their next use.

Considerations of Period Underwear

Absorbency levels

Period underwear is available in different absorbency levels to accommodate light, moderate, and heavy flows.

Size and fit

Pick period underwear that fits you well and provides optimal coverage and comfort. Follow the sizing guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Usage with other products

Depending on your flow, you may choose to use period underwear alone or as a backup to other menstrual products like tampons or menstrual cups.

Additional tips:
  • Give yourself time to adjust as it may take a few cycles to become fully accustomed to period underwear.
  • Consider using period underwear in conjunction with other products like pads or tampons until you gain confidence in its effectiveness.
  • Carry a spare pair when you're away from home in case you need to change.
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