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Support to Organizations and Events

Through an active community relations program, the New Jersey National Guard strives to be a good neighbor and community partner. The Guard and its soldiers and airmen are extensively involved in local community organizations and often participate in, or support, the events they sponsor.

The New Jersey National Guard Domestic Actions (DOMAC) Coordinator receives all public requests, reviews and validates their legal propriety, and then puts out a call across the organization for volunteers. Volunteers are not typically provided in an "official" capacity. The National Guard, as a government institution, refrains from endorsing specific organizations or events that it does not officially sponsor. Instead, it is up to the individual Guard members to decide whether they volunteer their time. Event organizers should also be aware that military mission requirements may on occasion prevent our people from supporting off-base events.

Eligibility Criteria

There are a number of state and federal restrictions on how we can support organizations and events and our training and mission schedules always come first. 

Organizations eligible for military support include federal, state and local governments, and certain private (non-profit) institutions when the activity concerned is conducted for the betterment of the community and does not selectively benefit any one individual or organization. Preferred activities for support are those which stimulate patriotism, promote public understanding of the problems of national security, or foster public appreciation of our national heritage. Events must be open and advertised to the public.

Federal law and military regulations prohibit military agencies from competing with services available from commercial sources in the private sector. Use of government equipment and/or personnel in support of a private enterprise, whether profit or non-profit, or for promotional events of a select organization’s commercial activity or concern, is strictly prohibited by regulation.

Types of Support

National Guard Personnel

Many times, special event organizers request volunteer assistance from National Guard Soldiers or Airmen. Members of the National Guard have a proud history of local community service, including participation in local events such as parades, event speakers, etc. All personnel requests must be submitted with 60 days advanced notice.

Color Guards

At this time, we do not provide color guard support due to limited resources.

Static Equipment Displays

Event organizers should be aware that static display requests are subject to a number of restrictions and are supported only where they do not impact operational mission accomplishment. Available for static display from the New Jersey Army National Guard's inventory are HMMWVs (HumVees), 2 1/2 ton cargo trucks, 5 ton cargo trucks, helicopters, etc. Additional equipment may be available upon request. All equipment requests must be submitted with 90 days advanced notice.   

Aviation Flyovers

Please refer to Request National Guard Flyover. 

How to Request Support

For static helicopter displays complete a DD Form 2535. For all other requests complete a DD Form 2536. Submit completed forms via mail or email to the DOMAC Coordinator.   

Last Updated: 07/18/2023
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