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Veteran Home Residents are encouraged to be active in an environment which stimulates involvement, self-esteem, productivity and freedom for independent choices.

This is accomplished by providing diverse recreational activities of interest to each resident. Activities provided are physical, social, intellectual, sensory, spiritual, creative, and community oriented.

Recreational activities are available to the veteran home residents on an individual basis, small or large group, or independent participation. Activities are available 7 days of the week, including evenings.

Our volunteers and donations are incorporated into our Activity Programs to provide a full array of Activities for each resident according to his or her capacity and preference thereby ensuring an enhanced quality of life.



Coffee Socials
Musical Entertainment
Picnics/Seasonal Parties
Arts and Crafts
Outings to local Veteran Organizations, movies, casinos and shopping
Structured physical, cognitive and social programming for dementia residents

Main Street Activities

Chaplain Services

Weekly religious services - Jewish, Catholic, Protestant
Non-denominational religious services available
Bible study class/Program
Individual counseling
Hospice Visits


Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program is overseen by the Director of Recreation and the Assistant Director of Recreation. Volunteer services are provided by local Veteran and community organizations, individual adult volunteers and by our youth volunteer program.

In addition to providing social activities for our residents, these volunteers provide the residents with monetary and material donations. All monetary and material donations are distributed directly to the residents through activity programming and special events.

The Director and Assistant Director of Recreation are continuously recruiting, orienting, training, supervising and providing recognition to our dedicated volunteers. The volunteer program enriches the lives of our residents as well as our volunteers and enhances the quality of life for our residents.

To fill out a volunteer application, please follow the appropriate link. Youth volunteers must be 14-17 years old.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Veterans Home. For more information contact Marissa Konopka at 732-452-4236.



Through the donations of the very generous Veteran and Community Organizations, individual citizens and family members, we are able to provide more activities and comfort items to our residents. Please see the information below.

Wish ListDonation FormVeterans Angels

Monetary Donation Form


Last Updated: 10/04/2022
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