To search:

    • Full or partial entries are allowed in all search options.
    • To allow for variations in spelling, abbreviation, and wording, it is better to enter partial organizational names. For example, is it "Governor's Office" or "Office of the Governor"? Fill in just "governor" and you will find the phone numbers you need.
    • Any combination of search options can be completed.
    • No search options are required. If no options are completed, the full agency phone list will be displayed.
    • The Department option looks for matches in just the Department column. The Full Organization Name looks for matches in both the department and the division/subunit columns. If you are not certain what department you need, use the Full Organization Name only.
    • Search characters can be located anywhere in the column text. A Full Organization Name search for "tax" will find all occurences of tax even when part of another word like taxes and taxation. For example, a search for "tax" will match "Judiciary Tax Court", "Treasury - Revenue Taxpayer Notice of Adjustment", and "Treasury - Taxation Abandoned Property".
    • If you have an agency phone number and are not sure (a) to which organization this belongs or (b) if it is correct, enter just the phone number option. Use the format ###-###-####. To check the area code, entered the phone number without the area code.
  1. Click the Start Search button. Search results or a not-found message will be displayed.

To clear a search:

  1. Click the Clear button. All fields will be blank.

To update the agency phone listing:

  1. If you want to have an agency phone number added, corrected or deleted, go to Request Phone List Correction and complete the Request Agency Phone List Correction form. A telecoordinator willl contact you to confirm the information and update the list.