NJ Geospatial Forum

Membership Benefits

Why should I attend NJGF General Meetings?

  • Learn about new technologies, data and policies that affect GIS in NJ
  • Network with other members of the local GIS community to exchange ideas and gather information
  • Explore issues of importance with others in your constituency group
  • Hear informative presentations by guest speakers

Why should I sign up on the NJGF website?

  • Get involved with Task Forces
  • Have your meeting attendance recorded for voting eligibility in Executive Committee elections
  • Have your meeting attendance record from the last two years generated for GISP and other professional certifications

How do I sign up on the NJGF website?

Visit the NJGF homepage and click on the top left below the navigation menu. Provide your full name, email address, and constituency group to register. You can also select Task Forces that you would like to get involved in. Signing up for a Task Force will automatically subscribe you to its listserv. Use  to change your email address, sign up for a different Task Force, or remove your registration.

Why should I attend NJGF General Meetings regularly (at least twice a year) and actively participate on a NJGF Task Force?

  • Become eligible to represent your constituency group and run for a seat as an Executive Committee member (nominated by others in the GIS community)
  • Become eligible to nominate your colleagues to run for a seat on the Executive Committee
  • Provide leadership as an Executive Committee member and bring issues of importance to the NJGF membership
  • Vote in elections for Executive Committee members