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Document recovery and amnestry public notice missing documents The missing or alienated original documents listed below are public records of the State of New Jersey as defined by New Jersey Statutes 47:3-16 and subject to legal demand and recovery under 47:3-27 & 28. Be advised that New Jersey State Archives has reported the theft of these and other documents to the New Jersey State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This list and similar postings are not intended to represent the entirety of missing public documents of the State of New Jersey and its subdivisions. Further, this list and similar postings are not intended to necessarily represent the entirety of documents missing from specific record groups.

Please be advised, further, that New Jersey State Archives welcomes the voluntary return of public documents. For more information about statutory authority and procedures as well as amnesty and donations, click here.

Correspondence of Governor William Livingston

28 January 1777 Col. Oliver Spencer at Elizabethtown to Stephen Crane of the Assembly—Giving a list of the Commissions wanted in his Battalion

31 January 1777 General Washington at Morristown to the Legislature—Calling for the passage of Laws to prevent Desertion

5 February 1777 Jonathan D. Sergeant, Delegate to the Continental Congress at Baltimore, to John Hart, Speaker, &c.—Desiring some other person to be appointed in his place

8 February 1777 Abraham Clark, Delegate to the Continental Congress, at Baltimore, to John Hart, Speaker, &c.—Giving information of the action of some of the Colonies in regulating prices—Condemning a proclamation of Washington—Referring to the Tories of Maryland— The contemplated removal of Congress, &c.

9 February 1777 James Sullivan, Chairman of a Committee of Massachusetts House of Representatives, to the Governor—Enclosing an act of the Legislature for regulating prices, and a resolution preventing the exportation of sundry articles

12 February 1777 General Phil. Dickinson, at Raritan, to the Governor—Desiring to be released from his command

18 March 1777 Governor Livingston to Daniel Rittenhouse, Vice President of Pennsylvania Council of Safety—Sending five prisoners taken at Squam Beach

27 March 1777 Colonel John Bull, at Waterfield, to the Governor—Informing him of the pay received by laborers and soldiers in Pennsylvania

28 March 1777 James Wilson, at Philadelphia, to the Governor Advising the apprehension of John Curlis, of Shrewsbury, for intercepting a dispatch of General Washington

29 March 1777 Colonel Joseph Beavers to General Heard—Referring to neglect of duty by his officers

7 April 1777 Silas Condict, at Morristown, to the Governor—Accepting an appointment as one of the Council of Safety, &c.

8 April 1777 William Smith and Benjamin Rumsey, at Philadelphia, to the Governor—Respecting a Mr. Campbell

16 April 1777 General Washington to the Governor—Referring to Col. Duyckinck then in confinement

—April 1777 Francis Hopkinson, at Philadelphia, to the Governor—Relating to the apprehension of John Curlis

25 April 1777 General Israel Putnam to the Governor—Accompanying several prisoners

25 April 1777 Rev. A. McWhorter and Elisha Boudinot of Newark to the Governor—Recommending certain persons as officers of the Militia

19 May 1777 Colonel David Brearley, Jr., to the Governor—Sending. a prisoner

12 June 1777 John Cox and Elijah. Clark, at Egg Harbor, to the President of the Council of Safety—Detailing the proceedings of an enemy’s vessel, &c.

12 June 1777 The President of the Continental Congress to the Governor—Calling for 500 men to be sent to Billingsport

14 June 1777 Robert Morris, Judge of the Supreme Court, to the Governor—Relating to the proceedings of the Court at Newton, Sussex Co.

9 October 1777 Elisha Boudinot, at Newark, to the Governor—Declining the appointment of Secretary to the Committee of Safety

18 October 1777 William Paterson, at Morristown, to the Governor—Respecting the mode of trial in case of sundry insurgents—Apprehensions felt at Newark about Captain Kennedy's course— The mode of selecting the detachment sent to the service in Pennsylvania—Announcing Burgoyne's Surrender, &c.

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