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Document recovery and amnestry public notice missing documents The missing or alienated original documents listed below are public records of the State of New Jersey as defined by New Jersey Statutes 47:3-16 and subject to legal demand and recovery under 47:3-27 & 28. Be advised that New Jersey State Archives has reported the theft of these and other documents to the New Jersey State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This list and similar postings are not intended to represent the entirety of missing public documents of the State of New Jersey and its subdivisions. Further, this list and similar postings are not intended to necessarily represent the entirety of documents missing from specific record groups.

Please be advised, further, that New Jersey State Archives welcomes the voluntary return of public documents. For more information about statutory authority and procedures as well as amnesty and donations, click here.


Correspondence of Governor William Livingston

14 February 1780 Chief Justice Symmes to the Governor—Relative to disagreements between the officers and men of the New Jersey Line as to the period of enlistments
20 February 1780 General Washington at Morristown to the Governor—Transmitting a return of the Quota of the Troops from New Jersey
25 May 1780 General Washington to a Committee of Congress—Enclosed in the foregoing
15 June 1780 The President of Congress to the Governor—Renewing their application for aid
4 December 1780 Judge Wm. Patterson, at Raritan, to the Legislature—Declining the appointment of Delegate to Congress
24 May 1781 Abrahan Clark, at Trenton, to the Chairman of the Joint Meeting of the Legislature— Resigning his seat as Delegate to Congress
25 May 1781 Gen Phil Dickinson to Josiah Hornblower, Speaker of the Assembly—In relation to the condition of the Military Companies in the State
31 October 1781 The President of Congress to the Governor—Transmitting a Proclamation, &c., for general Thanksgiving
29 October 1783 Elias Boudinot, at Princeton, to the Chairman of the Joint Meeting—Requesting to be allowed to retire from public service
24 October 1784 Governor Livingston to the Legislature—In acknowledgment of his re-election
24 August 1785 The Secretary of Congress to the Governor—In relation to the finances, and the necessity for an enumeration of the inhabitants, &c.

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