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Site Manager

AASHTOWare Project Site Manager graphicThe New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) uses the AASHTOWare Project Site Manager software module for managing and maintaining a project through final acceptance once a project is let and awarded in Preconstruction. Site Manager is used by NJDOT field inspectors, resident engineers, administrative and laboratory staffs.

Site Manager replaced the Automated Construction Estimate System (ACES) as well as, many of the paper driven activities during the construction phase of a project. Once a project is completed in Site Manager, it is then archived in Bid Analysis Management System/Decision Support System (BAMS/DSS) where the data can be used again in other modules for cost estimating purposes.

The Site Manager module is comprised of two main functions: Construction Management and Materials Management.

Site Manager Construction Management
  • Contract Administration
    Contract Administration provides for the creation, review and approval of change orders to the project to account for new items, underruns/overruns and time extensions. Contract Administration records various project data such as permits, correspondence, contractor evaluations, disputes and claims, stockpiled materials, key project dates, funding and design evaluations. The contractor's progress on a project and subcontractors information is also maintained here.

  • Daily Work Reports
    Daily Work Reports are prepared electronically by inspectors each day to record installed work item quantities, personnel and equipment on-site and force account information. Inspectors may record information when connected to the central server in the office or in stand-alone mode when working remotely in the field. Daily Work Reports carry over into a daily diary for review and approval by the Resident Engineer for payment to the contractor.

  • Contractor Payments
    Contractor Payments generates engineer’s estimates and automates contract and line item adjustments such as liquidated damages, fuel adjustments and price adjustments. Retainage is also managed here. Site Manager tracks payment information and manages the NJDOT payment approval process.
Site Manager Construction Management
  • Materials Management records, tracks and reports material samples and test results from job sites, plants and test labs. Additionally it provides automated reporting of sampling and testing requirements and the status of tested materials by project. Site Manager maintains a comprehensive database of the NJDOT's materials master, qualified products list (QPL), sampler and tester qualifications and producer/suppliers. Materials Management also provides support for aggregate, concrete and bituminous concrete mix designs.

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