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Current Notices
Procurement vendors must register, update and/or maintain their vendor information via the online NJSTART procurement system at NJSTART Online. This applies to both new and existing procurement vendors.

Procurement vendors are vendors with the Vendor Types of:

VS-Vendors who render a service

CS-Construction Services

CG-Construction Goods

HC-Health Care

LG-Legal Services

OT-Other (whose main area of activity is Manufacturing, Service, Construction, Legal, or Health Care Related)

NJSTART Help Desk Support may be reached at 609-341-3500 (option #1) or via e-mail.

Note: If you believe you have an exception and a new vendor must be established with a tax id-based number on NJCFS, please e-mail John Burrows.

Last updated date: February 4, 2020 8:14 AM