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Current Bidding Opportunities

The Bureau of Equipment, Materials & Supplies (EMS) publicly advertises NJDOT small construction projects and Agency RFP's on this webpage.  Qualified bidders may acquire solicitation documents by navigating to this webpage and downloading all documents.  Bidders are encouraged to review all current bidding opportunities and submit proposals by following the instructions in each solicitation.

Small construction projects for NJDOT facilities, require classification by the Treasury, Division of Property Management & Construction (DPMC) prior to submission of any proposals for facility related projects. The DPMC-27 application form is used in accordance with N.J.S.A. 52:35-1 et seq. to classify and allow contractors to bid on various construction projects.

How to View a Bidding Opportunity

New bidding opportunities are posted on the EMS website when required by the NJDOT. By clicking on the Project Description & Document links for each bidding opportunity, bidders will be able to download the related NJDOT solicitation documents.

Once solicitations are posted, bidders are encouraged to monitor the website daily for updates, changes and responses to questions through the submission due date.

Public Information (OPRA)

Please note, consistent with the Division of Purchase & Property’s procedures, vendor bid prices are not released until after a project has been awarded. Once an award is final, pricing information may be requested by submitting an OPRA Online Request Form found at the following link.

Advertised projects requiring the submission of DPA Forms

All DPA Forms must be completed and should be submitted with the Bidder's proposal. IF the DPA forms are not submitted with the Bidder’s proposal, they shall be submitted within five (5) business days of the NJDOT’s request. Failure to comply with the NJDOT’s request will result in the proposal being rejected.

In the event the NJDOT offices are closed for any reason on the day bids are due, bids will be accepted on or before the following business day at the time specified in the solicitation. Please monitor news sources to determine if State offices are closed. Phone calls and e-mail may not be answered.

Posting Date Project Description & Documents Status Mandatory Pre-Bid Date Bid Opening Date
05/24/2024 Zero-Turn Dual-Axle Trailers
7-Way Plug (Heavy Duty) Reference Image
DPA Contract Checklist
Advertised N/A 06/14/2024
05/24/2024 Printing of 2024 NJDOT Safety Catalog
DPA Contract Checklist
Advertised N/A 06/13/2024
05/08/2024 Printing of 2023 Work Zone Flip Book
DPA Contract Checklist
Advertised N/A 05/24/2024
05/07/2024 Boom Mowers
DPA Contract Checklist
Advertised N/A 05/21/2024
04/12/2024 Road & Highway Building Materials: Aggregates, Stone, Sand, and Gravel NJDOT
Exhibit 1 – Pick Up Price Lines
Exhibit 2 -22 – Delivery by County Price Lines
Attachment 1 – Coarse Aggregate Standard Sizes and Sampling
Attachment 2 – Zone Listing
Combined State of NJ Standard Terms and Conditions/Waivered Supplement
Cancelled N/A 04/30/2024
03/26/2024 Large Bucket Truck Purchase
RFQ Updated 4/1/24
PB-120 Updated 4/1/24
DPA Contract Checklist
Advertised N/A 04/19/2024
03/13/2024 Air Compressor and Air Dryer Maintenance
AirCompressor and Air Dryer Locations
Air Compressor Price Schedule
Bidder Quote Overview Form
DPA Checklist
Advertised N/A 03/28/2024
11/02/2023 Statewide Septic Tank Waste Removal, Lift Station and Grinder Pump Cleaning
Price Schedule
DPA Contract Checklist
Pending N/A 11/28/2023

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