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Seeking Principal Investigators for FY 2022 NCHRP Synthesis Projects Letters of Interest Due August 27, 2021(NEW!)

NCHRP has issued an invitation for letters of interest from those wishing to be considered as a principal investigator for one or more of the 18 new synthesis topics for the coming year. Letters of interest must be submitted through the Letters of Interest Submission Portal by August 27, 2021. For the list of new synthesis topics and for information for potential principal investigators, see the NCHRP Synthesis website.

Please forward this announcement to others who may be interested. For further information, contact Jo Allen Gause at

RFP specific questions and answers are provided by request and posted in the RFP chart.

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  • E-mail is the preferred method of answering RFP questions and will expedite processing the request and posting the response.
  • Specify "RFP Number xxxx question" in subject line.
  • If e-mail access is unavailable, please contact the Bureau of Research at 609.963.2242.
  • Questions will be accepted up to two weeks prior to the proposal closing date.
  • Please note that all RFP submissions must be accompanied by an online PreAward Risk Assessment form found under the Guidelines, Formats and Forms menu tab.
Listing for Requests for Proposal
RFP Number Posting Date Project Description
(PDF sizes from 26k to 247k unless otherwise noted)
Requested Pre-bid Meeting Closing Date
2020-10 12/17/2020 Technology Transfer and Implementation Program   01/27/2021
2020-09 12/10/2020 NJDOT Bridge Resource Program (BRP)   01/25/2021
2020-08 09/17/2020 2021 National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI) Proposal Announcement

Reference Documents:
2020-07 08/31/2020 Safe Routes to School Support Program (can exceed the required 10 page limit)   10/14/2020
2020-06 08/31/2020 Bicycle and Pedestrian Resource Center (can exceed the required 10 page limit)   10/14/2020
2020-05 08/25/2020 NJDOT Pavement Support Program RFP2020-05 Q&A's

2020-Basic AgreementTemplate
2020-04 06/29/2020 New Jersey Local Technical Assistance Program   08/10/2020
2020-03 06/15/2020 Intelligent Transportation Systems Resource Center   07/29/2020
2020-02 05/27/2020 NJDOT Bureau of Research Library Services   07/06/2020
2020-01 01/07/2020 Newark Light Rail Origin-Destination and Intermodal Choice Study   02/16/2020
2019-06 11/18/2019 NJ Transit Grade Crossing Safety   12/27/2019
2019-05 10/11/2019 Understanding the Needs of Current and Potential Bus Transit Riders   11/25/2019
2019-04 04/18/2019 2019 National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI) Proposal Announcement

Reference Documents:
2019-03 02/01/2019 Marketing Research for the Quantifiable Benefits of Transit in New Jersey   03/15/2019
2019-02 01/03/2019 Evaluation of Coefficients Related to Runoff from Roadway Projects   02/12/2019
2019-01 01/02/2019 21st Century Transportation Research Library   02/11/2019
2018-09 11/21/2018 Understanding the Transportation Mobility Needs for an Aging New Jersey Population   01/04/2019

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