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Research Risk Assessment Forms

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Risk Prequalification Assessment

Effective July 1, 2019, in order to be eligible to submit proposals for NJDOT research, any potential research partner must complete and submit this online form* and attach a PDF of your organization’s most recent audit report (and A-133, if applicable). 

*Initial application must be submitted and approved by the Bureau of Research Risk Assessment Officer prior to submitting all requests for proposal (RFPs) from July 1, 2019 onward.

Reapplication will be required annually by October 1st starting October 1, 2020

Prequalification Initial (first time) Risk Prequalification Assessment

Prequalification *Reapplication (after first approved form) Risk Prequalification Assessment

PreAward Risk Assessment (RFP)

These online forms are project-specific and must be completed and submitted by the PIs prior to the RFP#’s closing date and time. PDF attachments of the prime recipient’s (PI) and subrecipient’s (Subcontractor) budget, scope of work (SOW), and most recent audit report (and A 133, if applicable) must be attached.

RFP PreAward Risk Assessment Form for PIs

RFP PreAward Risk Assessment Form for Subcontractor(s)

Risk Assessment Monitoring Report

These online forms ensure contract completeness, accuracy, timeliness and compliance, and must be completed and submitted throughout the period of performance by the RPM and PI. The frequency of monitoring will be determined at the start of the contract.

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Monitoring Research Project Manager (RPM) to monitor activities of the principal investigator form

Monitoring Principal Investigator (PI) to monitor activities of the subcontractor(s) form

Research Implementation and Closeout Risk Assessment

The research Customer and RPM are required to complete and submit these online forms within 60 calendar days of RPM acceptance of the final report package from the PI. This survey provides an evaluation that is utilized for the Research Bureau’s annual implementation report, which is federally required by 2 CFR 200.328 and 23 CFR 420.117.

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Closeout Customer Research Implementation and Closeout Risk Assessment Survey

Closeout Research Project Manager (RPM) Research Implementation and Closeout Risk Assessment Survey

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Questions? Please contact our Risk Assessment Officer at 609-963-2242.

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