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The New Jersey Safe Routes to School Toolbox
This Toolbox is designed to provide information on launching a New Jersey Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program to all community
partners - educators, law enforcement, public officials and residents.

The materials below highlight various techniques and tips aimed at getting a New Jersey SRTS program under way:
New Jersey School Zone Design Guide NEW
The New Jersey School Zone Design Guide is a resource for school boards, school administrations, municipal officials, police, parents and engineers. It provides guidance for those involved in the effort to enable and encourage children, including those with disabilities, to walk and bicycle to school safely.

New Jersey School Zone Design Guide (pdf 8.1m)
(low resolution file of entire Guide)

New Jersey School Zone Design Guide:
(high resolution files of individual chapters)
Chapter 1 (pdf 2.2m) Chapter 8 (pdf 4.4m)
Chapter 2 (pdf 2.7m) Chapter 9 (pdf 3.5m)
Chapter 3 (pdf 2.1m) Chapter 10 (pdf 5m)
Chapter 4 (pdf 4m) Chapter 11 (pdf 3.6m)
Chapter 5 (pdf 3m) Chapter 12 (pdf 2.3m)
Chapter 6 (pdf 4m) Chapter 13 (pdf 2.7m)
Chapter 7 (pdf 4.8m) Chapter 14 (pdf 3.8m)
The New Jersey Safe Routes to School Resource Center
New Jersey's SRTS Resource Center assists schools and communities with education, encouragement, enforcement, evaluation, planning and other non-construction related SRTS activities.

Transportation Management Associations (TMAs)
New Jersey's eight TMAs are an excellent resource for getting SRTS Programs started and and ensuring existing efforts remain sustainable.
For more information, please contact the TMA in your area:

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