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Metic Electrical Material (EBM) Specifications Index

The following group of files are currently approved Electrical EB Specifications in Metric Units (2001).

Download these documents in a compressed ZIP file (1568 kb) released pursuant to BDC00S-11 dated 02/23/2001.
* indicates a new specification not included in the ZIP file.

Metric N.J. Spec. No. Description PDF Size
EBM-CF High Pressure Sodium Luminaires, Cutoff Type 36 kb
EBM-CL-1 Closed Loop Traffic Signal Control System 95 kb
EBM-CL-2 Closed Loop Traffic Signal Control System 103 kb
EBM-DP Digital Photometer 15 kb
EBM-EOVD Optically Controlled Emergency Vehicle Detection System 19 kb
EBM-FOBS Fiberoptic Blankout Sign 19 kb
EBM-GRNLED-TSM Green LED (Light Emitting Diode) Traffic Signal Module 30 kb
EBM-JS-1 Joint Sealant 18 kb
EBM-KIT Tag Storage Kit 23 kb
EBM-LD-3 Loop Detector Unit 29 kb
EBM-LD-CARD Loop Detector Card 27 kb
EBM-LDL Loop Detector Lead 15 kb
EBM-LED-BTAM LED (Light Emitting Diode) Bi-modal Turn Arrow Module 32 kb
EBM-LED-GARTAM Green, Amber and Red LED (Light Emitting Diode) Turn Module 33 kb
EBM-LED-PEDCSM * LED (Light Emitting Diode) Pedestrian Countdown Signal Module 21 kb
EBM-LHPS-2 High Pressure Sodium Luminaires, Conventional Type 37 kb
EBM-LHPS-3 High Pressure Sodium Luminaires, Offset Type 73 kb
EBM-LHPS-4 High Pressure Sodium Luminaires, High Mast Type 96 kb
EBM-LHPS-6 Roadway Luminaire, High Pressure Sodium, Vertical Mounted Type 56 kb
EBM-LHPS-7 High Pressure Sodium Luminaires, 150 Watt, Offset Type 40 kb
EBM-MAINT-WSTA-1 Maintenance Weather Station 72 kb
EBM-PEC-1 Photoelectric Control (PEC) Unit 17 kb
EBM-PPB-1 Pedestrian Push Button and Pedestrian Instruction Sign 16 kb
EBM-PS-1 Adjustable Face Pedestrian Signal Heads, Incandescent Type, Legend - Walk-Don't Walk 21 kb
EBM-PS-4 Optically Programmed Adjustable Face Pedestrian Signal Heads 22 kb
EBM-REDLED-TSM Red LED (Light Emitting Diode) Traffic Signal Module 30 kb
EBM-SL-1 Sign Luminaires, Mercury Vapor Type 19 kb
EBM-TS-1 Adjustable Face Vehicle Traffic Control Polycarbonate Signal Head 23 kb
EBM-TS-1A Adjustable Face Vehicle Traffic Control Aluminum Signal Head 24 kb
EBM-TS-2 Optically Programmed Adjustable Face Vehicle Traffic Control Signal Heads 23 kb
EBM-TS-3 Fiberoptic Two Color Turn Arrow 25 kb
EBM-TSC-8CL Eight Phase Traffic Signal Controller Assembly for a Closed Loop System. 271 kb
EBM-TS-CABLE Traffic Signal Cable 21 kb
EBM-TSC-CTU Test Controller Unit for Two to Eight Phase Solid State NEMA Type Traffic Signal Controllers 17 kb
EBM-TSC-ITB-8 Eight Phase Traffic Signal Controller Assembly 218 kb
EBM-UHPS-1 Underdeck Luminaires, High Pressure Sodium, Wall Mounted Type 43 kb
EBM-UHPS-2 Underdeck Lighting, High Pressure Sodium, Pendant Mounted Type 56 kb

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