Department of Transportation

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Electrical Material Specifications?
Electrical Material Specifications are specifications that supplement the Department's Standard Specifications for material that are utilized in electrical work, including signals, lighting, and ITS facilities. All these specifications are federally approved. These specifications describe minimum acceptable design and operating requirements for each piece of equipment. All the specifications have an effective date and are in both Metric Units and U.S Customary English Units.
What are EE Approval Numbers?
Materials and equipment that meet the requirements of the Electrical Specifications are evaluated and those that are approved items are given an EE Approval Number, and then added to a database listing. This database of qualified products is helpful to designers and contractors in the selection of products that are pre-qualified for use in Department projects.
How can products become part of the EE listing?
Products that can be added to this database are any product that is utilized in electrical related design, that meet the Electrical Material Specifications. Examples: traffic poles, arms, fixtures, controllers, LED's, variable message signs, signal hardware, etc. The products and/or documents must be submitted to NJDOT for review, with a letter certifying that the submitted product meets the applicable Electrical Material Specifications.
What are Standard Electrical Details?
Electrical Standard Details are drawings that show construction installation for electrical related design. All details are in .dgn format in the Departments CADD standards. All the details have an effective date and are in both Metric Units and U.S Customary English Units. These are referenced standards for use by contractors and designers, and are not attached with the plans for each project. The project documents must include any new details or any modifications to the Standard Details.
Who are the respective Contact Offices and Subject Matter Experts?
Signals, lighting, and general electrical work are maintained by Traffic Engineering (Electrical). Work specific to ITS facilities only is maintained by ITS Engineering.

Last updated date: January 22, 2020 1:03 PM