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The terms and nomenclature used in the Aggregate Producer's database are as follows:

% Abs - Absorption in percent.

%Carb - Percent of gravel that is derived from carbonate rock sources.

ASR - Alkalai Silica Reactivity value as determined by AASHTO T 303.

baghse fines - Mineral filler collected in the baghouse of a particular asphalt plant, permitted for use after approval testing and when the coarse and fine aggregate source doesn't change.

blstfurnslag - Blast furnace slag for use as a DGABC, only.

concrete sand - Fine aggregate for portland cement concrete.

Cr Ct - Percent of gravel that is crushed (minimum 1-face reported; for minimum 2-face phone 609-53-4116)

DGABC - Dense Graded Aggregate Base Course (formerly Q.P. - "Quarry Process" stone).

DRW - Dry Rodded Weight in p.c.f. To convert to metric (kg/m3) multiply by a factor of 16.06.

exp. shale/exp.slate - Expanded shale/expanded slate for use as a lightweight aggregate.

HMA sand (washed) - Fine aggregate for Hot Mix Asphalt (washed).

HMA sand (bnk run surf course) - Unwashed fine aggregate ("bank run") for Hot Mix Asphalt surface course.

HMA sand (bnk run other surf course) - Unwashed fine aggregate ("bank run") for other than Hot Mix Asphalt surface course.

LA - Los Angeles Test for wear, in percent.

mixed color glass - Recycled (mixed color) crushed container glass for use in bituminous concrete, when permitted by the specifications.

RAP - Recycled Asphalt Pavement for use as a DGABC.

RCA - Recycled Concrete Aggregate for use as a DGABC

Sand Equiv. - Sand Equivalency value determined by AASHTO T 176.


# - Indicates a Standard Size from Table 901.1 of the N.J.D.O.T. 2001 Standard Specifications.
* - Indicates a material similar to a Standard Size but not meeting the grading requirement.
All #1, #2, #3 stone sizes should be tested for grading before use.

Specific Gravities:

App - Apparent specific gravity.
Bulk - Bulk specific gravity.
SSD - Saturated Surface Dry specific gravity.

stone sand - unwashed (u), or sometimes, washed (w) screenings acceptable for use for bituminous concrete.

(u) - Indicates an unwashed coarse aggregate;

Unc. Voids - Uncompacted voids (sand angularity) value as determined by AASHTO T 304.

Unit Wt. - Unit Weight in p.c.f.

Voids - Percent voids.

(w) - Indicates a washed coarse aggregate.

(White) concrete sand - Fine aggregate for white portland cement concrete.

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