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Skid Resistance Quality Acceptance Test Request

The form below is for Resident Engineers who would like to request Skid Resistance Acceptance Test.

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  1. The Lane ID shall be determine by increasing numbers from left to right in the direction of traffic with the left lane being as Lane 1. (Please note Lane ID is not the total number of lanes. Since each lane will be tested separately, we need to know the exact beginning and end mile post limits of a lane).

  2. Include location of Ramps in detail above.

  3. If number of locations exceed the number of avialable rows,sumbit multiple request.Ensure "Multiple request check box" is checked to avoid confusion of treating each request seperately.

  4. Please specify clearly any change in Pay Adjustment equations that was issued, if any. Also, provide a reference for such changes.

Due to limited resources and the amount of time needed to conduct testing, testing will only be conducted on sections with the full length of the HFST installed. Requests for partial testing cannot be acted upon. Please request testing AFTER completion of installation and visual assessment in accordance with the specification.

Once this information is received the project will be scheduled for Skid testing on a "first come, first served" basis. Test scheduling is weather dependent, but generally within a few days of request. Resident Engineer will be notified of the proposed testing date to share with the contractor so they may arrange any necessary traffic control as needed prior to testing.

Last updated date: April 27, 2021 10:56 AM