Department of Transportation

Combined Inspection System (CombIS)

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) is providing these documents that support the various systems utilized in the bridge inspection effort.

Manuals and Guide Documents
Description Size Date
CoMBIS Frequently Asked Questions* pdf 260k 10.3.12
2012 CoMBIS User Training Manual pdf 14m 5.14.12
How to Link Each Bridge to the Correct Funding Source pdf 245k 2.6.15
NJDOT Standards for CoMBIS pdf 67k 5.14.12
What is a Work Specification pdf 285k 2.16.15
CombIS Maintenance Recommendation Guidance pdf 2.68m 12.19.16
Standard Forms
Request User for Read Only Access rtf 105k 1.1.19
Request User for Agency rtf 99k 1.1.19
Report Bugs, Issues and Suggestions rtf 66k 4.18.12
Request to Add or Delete Asset rtf 140k 1.1.19
Request User for Consultant rtf 116k 1.1.19
Request User for County, Municipal and Local Owner rtf 125k 1.1.19

*These files require a user identification and password. Please contact NJDOT Structural Evaluation to obtain one.

Last updated date: December 19, 2019 1:30 PM